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January 19, 2016

A Fitbit for Your Face

Imagine you can keep your skin fitness in check and crowdsource your skincare – based on those across the country that have your exact skin properties. A dream, right? Forget tossing those ineffective $150 serums.
I sat down with OKU for the scoop on this new technology that goes more than skin deep.

January 19, 2016

Digital wine? Thync wearable pours cabernet into your brain

Imagine getting your buzz on without that long wait for happy hour. That’s what Isy Goldwasser, Founder and CEO of Thync, a brand new wearable launching this week is offering to the masses.

“The brain receives signals directly from the nerves that we’re activating with Thync and these nerves can influence your stress response,” Goldwasser explains. “It’s all based on this hard-wiring that we all have.”

Thync uses transcranial direct current stimulation, basically painless brain stimulation via electric currents, to alter your mood.

While other devices like brain sensing headband MUSE take users through guided exercises to help them cope with anxiety, Thync sends “Calm” – and also “Energy” – neurosignals directly to the brain.

I sat down with Goldwasser to test out Thync. Do you think it might replace your cabernet?

December 19, 2015

The future of conception, and contraception

A new inner-ear wearable may be the future of conception, and contraception! One in eight couples experience difficulty when trying to conceive, YONO hopes to help more women manage their fertility with solid data.

I sat down with creator Vanessa Xi to talk technology.