November 27, 2016

Digital mouthwash?

A new technology on the market claims it can detect and improve your bad breath. Half of Americans suffer from gum disease and poor oral health can be indicative of other, more serious, disease. Anna De Souza sat down with CEO of Mint, Charles Michael Yim, to see if this device passes the smell test! Do we smell raw onions?


Mint is a compact wireless device that works with your smartphone to help you understand and improve your oral health. Through an array of sensors, it can detect the signs that harmful bacteria leave behind and accurately report through the app.

Mint provides information to help you make better cleaning and eating choices. They’ve built a machine learning back end that combines your personal data with results and your feedback, to learn and offer up tips targeted to you. Curious to know how your latest diet is affecting your oral health or what to expect at your next dentist visit? This software leverages your personal scores, evaluates against the goals you set, and serves you information based on what you find helpful.

The Mint app captures and graphs your average daily results within a timed program to provide you with an overview of how you are tracking against your goals. Following the trends of your mouth, working to improve your cleaning habits, or simply check in for peace of mind, hopefully you won’t be needing to queue up Uber for a speedy trip to the dentist. When’s the launch of a digital Mentos?

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