January 24, 2016

Your crib sheet: 6 baby wearables making parenting smarter

The newest frontier of wearables aren’t vying for a home on your belt buckle, it’s looking to wrap itself around a sweet chubby newborn’s ankle. From baby wearables that use hospital technology to keep tabs on baby’s breathing and oxygen levels, to a pacifier you can locate under your couch with your smartphone, parenting is getting way smarter and more connected than a 5-year-old with an iPad.

Mimo Monitor


Mimo uses sensor technology to tell you how your baby is breathing, their body position, sleeping temperature, activity level, and whether or not they’re actually asleep! It sends alerts and nightly reports on your little one’s sleep, and uses your smartphone to connect all your caregivers and keep you connected. You can learn over time how junior sleeps best so everyone in the family can get more quality sleep.
Available for $199 at mimobaby.com.

Sproutling Baby Monitor

sproutling baby wearable

Imagine knowing whether your baby will wake up cranky (send in the spouse!). That future is now here with Sproutling. It’s a wearable band for your baby that senses, learns and can predict baby’s behavior over time. The band sits around baby’s ankle and monitors heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position and communicates with the app to let you know if she’s sleeping soundly, or something’s wrong – like any change in vitals or if your newborn rolls over while sleeping.

The charger is smart, too! It keeps tabs on baby’s environment, from room temperature, humidity, sound and lights to optimize her sleep conditions. You can better plan your afternoon, knowing how much time you have before the little one wakes up from her nap. Better yet, you’ll know whether she’s calm, fussy or angry – before you even walk into the room!
Available for $299 at sproutling.com.

Owlet Baby Monitor

owlet baby wearable

A lot of scary things may go bump in the night but nothing terrifies a new parent more than tucking their baby into bed and head to their own for shut eye. Any mom or dad can confess they’ve often snuck into the nursery, oftentimes several times per night, just to check on their little one, even if she’s as snug as a bug.

Looks like a restful night’s sleep might be in your future. Owlet uses hospital technology called pulse oximetry to silently watch over your little one’s heart rate and oxygen levels to ensure they are in range. It sounds an alert to parents if baby stops breathing.

The monitor fits right onto baby’s foot, just like a sock, and comes with three sock sizes to fit them until his or her first birthday.
Available for $249 at owletcare.com.


Fever Smart


Fever Smart allows you to remotely – and continuously – monitor your little one’s temperature using your smartphone. The small device is attached with a disposable patch and sends alerts when a temperature starts to spike. The last thing a parent wants to do is wake their child up once they’ve fallen asleep, but now they can receive alerts on their smart phone so that they can treat them immediately.

Women who are looking to increase their chances of becoming pregnant oftentimes monitor their basal body temperature to help track ovulation. BecauseFever Smart allows you to track trends over time, it can help women determine the best times of the month to conceive, too.
Available for $129.99 at feversmart.com.


Baby Gigl


Baby Gigl is a smart baby bottle holder that monitors how much your baby drinks from the bottle and tracks environmental data during the meal, sending feedbacks to the caretaker in order to improve your infant’s wellbeing.  Each person involved in the baby’s feeding can have their own smart sleeve which logs to the baby’s account, one for the caretaker, one for the parents, one for the nanny.

Thirty percent of babies are affected by reflux problems and by monitoring meal times, duration, quantity and responding to alerts, baby may just be one step closer to bypassing uncomfortable colic for good.
Available soon for $100 at slowcontrol.com.


pacif-i baby wearable

While I might not have children yet, watching friends- and inevitably getting down on all fours myself – to search for a baby pacifier has been comical. Pacifier always wins. And even when we win, the glamourous prize is rinsing off Fifi’s hair under a scalding hot faucet.

Pacif-i not only uses your smartphone to locate it, it also sends you alerts when it’s being left behind – like near the big slide at Washington West Park.

It also does double-duty, it measures baby’s temperature without disturbing them. With a range of 30 feet, you can monitor their temperature even while they are in another room. You can even record medication and keep a convenient record when baby’s under the weather. Now that’s a smart mouth you’ll want to keep around!
Available for $60 at bluemaestro.com.

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