February 8, 2016

Wearable vs. PacMan

Can a mini therapist in my pocket help me through an intense game of PacMan? SPIRE tracks your breathing in real time and sends you alerts to remind you to chill out! It clips on just like a Fitbit, and while it does measure your steps, it’s being marketed to track your emotions as well.

It can detect when you’re feeling flustered, or calm – and over time you may be able to preemptively be able to redirect a panic attack once you begin to recognize what truly stresses you out, read: that 9AM weekly update meeting with the big bad boss – or maybe even that fourth drive around the block as you’re looking for parking.

I put it to the test with what stresses me out the most – and was really surprised by the results! Would you want a wearable to keep tabs on your emotions?

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