February 22, 2015

Fragrance Touch Technology

There’s something magical about soap. It’s my favorite beauty product of all time, ask my friends! There are eyeliners and lotions tumbling out of my cabinets and when asked what I’d like for Christmas – soap, please! It just makes me so giddy.

I love them in sweet cardboard boxes, love them as the mountain freshness wafts through a steamy shower. My only wish is that the bouquet of fragrance would dance around me all day – so you can imagine my happiness when a new launch promises just that!

The Caress Forever Collection line of body washes features the world’s first fragrance touch technology, which releases bursts of perfume with every touch of skin for up to 12 hours after a shower. Picture how it works: you’re running around all day in meetings and feel like you need a little touch-up, so you simply touch your skin and activate a refreshing burst of scent. It’s that simple. Pretty cool, right? It took 25 scientists across four continents to perfect the design of this collection, combining the art of fragrance development with the science of innovation – and there’s nothing else like it on the market.

The collection will be available mid-February at drugstores for $3.99 (13.5 oz. body wash). I’ll be back with the full scoop. 

Any hacks in the meantime to help your fragrance linger? What’s your favorite bath bar?

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