April 1, 2015

Peel Off Your Mani Party In a Pinch

(Image: funsizebeauty.blogspot.com)

Love this! The newest breakthrough from NYC New York Color turns any nail color into peel-able polish. Strip Me Off Base Coat tackles even your thickest polishes and its formula protects nails while smoothing ridges and imperfections – plus it keeps you from damaging acetone soaks that dry nails and cuticles.

Sure it works with satin, gloss and matte polishes, but the best part? It also easily peels off glitter and textured effects, too, when you’re so ready for the party to be over.

You just apply Strip Me Off base coat to clean nails and once the white coat has dried to a transparent finish, paint with your favorite nail color, or even textured polish! The last and most gratifying step: waiting to grow tired of your polish fast enough so you can peel it off Elmer’s-glue-first-grade-style!

Strip Me Off Base Coat isn’t available online yet but is rolling out in an area Target, Walmart, CVS and Duane Reade near you.

Some of our favorite base and top coats.

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