May 1, 2015

The Hannibal Lector Facial takes a scary white sheet mask up a notch

Performed by celebrity esthetician Marianne Kehoe (Jeremy Scott, Liberty Ross, Agyness Deyn), the Hannibal Lector Facial also known as the IDERM Galvanic Treatment is one of the most requested services at the Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio in Studio City, CA.

Originally developed in the 1930’s by a German scientist and chemist, the IDERM Galvanic Facial is performed for its collagen firming and deep cleaning results. 

We caught up with Kehoe for the scoop. “First, clients relax with a yucca root solution covered by a heat dome to encourage impurities deep in the skin to surface,” she explains. “Unlike European facials which traditionally use a steamer to prepare the skin for extractions, using a heated dome allows the skin to retain its natural moisture and simply release toxins.”

This is followed by the extraction process where each and every pore in the face, nose and forehead are expunged for an absolute deep clean. This deep cleansing process is followed by this specialized facial electrode mask to deliver an even flow of low amperage galvanic current over the entire face and neck. This galvanic stimulation is used to deeply infuse the vitamin mineral solution found in Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare’s Facial Infusion Dermal Therapy into the skin.

Galvanic stimulation firms and tightens, increases circulation, provides nourishment, decreases inflammation, minimizes bacterial growth and pore size, and evens out pigment and tone.

“It’s like going to the gym for your skin,” says Kehoe.

Available starting at $100 at the Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio.

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